2 responses to “Harran: Last Refuge of Classical Paganism – part I”

  1. Deborah Bender

    I am glad for the opportunity to read this. It clarifies a great many details of a narrative I have heard from you in person. I look forward to reading Parts Two and Three.

    In the course of uploading the text, a stray symbol that I don’t think you intended has crept in. It’s an “a” with an accent grave above it. It appears three times in the paragraph about Plotinus that begins “Second . . .” and again in the bracketed glosses on the Dryghton Prayer.

    1. Morgana

      Thanks Deborah for your reaction. I will edit the section you mention.
      Part 2 is also in the Beltane 2014 issue of WROnline.
      I don’t think there is a part 3 🙂
      – Morgana