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  1. MerlynneHerne

    Merry Meet! MY name is MerylynneHerne. I just found your siteand like it a great deal.. I am fairly new to Paganism and basically follow a path that combines Paganism and Russian Orthodoxy. I liked your article on Kolianka a great deal.

  2. Debora Rae Shepard

    With the state of the world this past year and in particular these past couple of months I have felt increasing dread and keep asking myself what, if anything, I could do to change the trajectory of events. I felt powerless, but today realized there is something that we all can do – co-creative consciousness/prayer. Togetherness is what they fear, so that is exactly what we need to do. We can do this without putting anyone’s health in danger. Please post the following and see what we can do collectively:

    Are you fed up?

    If you listen to the media and our political leaders our world is a constant state of peril. The fear propaganda is intentional to keep the greater population feeling helpless and disenfranchised. But they are wrong. Together we can undo what they have done but we can only do it together.

    I have recently felt overwhelmed and depressed from the current state of the world. It took a few words of wisdom to remind me that I am not alone, we are not alone. Most people in our world feel the desperation of the moment, the powers that be have pushed us too far.

    I call on all those who feel the same. Together we can pool our co-creative consciousness for a better world. Whether you want to call it a prayer, a wish, a magical spell, a plea to the universe – the desired outcome is the same. It is all about the intention of the words spoken and the outcome visualized.

    I am asking for four days of devotion: December 21 (winter solstice – quarter moon waxing), December 29 (full moon), January 6 (quarter moon waning), and January 13 (new moon). A different mantra/prayer will be spoken on each day every hour on the half hour, such as 7:30am, 8:30am, 9:30am, etc.

    December 21, 2020: “Our world is at the precipice of a new beginning. We have the power to change it for the good of all. Together with love, courage, and intention we will succeed in our endeavor to envision our abundant world. Hand in hand we will succeed in worldwide health, freedom, and peace. We are one, we are all, we are peace.” (Visualize a dawning on a new age, an abundant earth, people hand in hand around the world. Find hope and love in yourself for yourself and those around you.)

    December 29, 2020: “We see a beautiful world full of clean air, clean water, and clean soil. We see a healthy world where we can live, dream, and succeed with our loved ones at our side and peace in our hearts. We see a free world where we can express ideas and thoughts, where we can meet in fellowship, where we can make choices about our future and the future of our families and communities. We see a world of smiles, laughter, and joy with ourselves and others. We are one, we are all, we are peace.” (Visualize this beautiful world, full of happy people in a clean, carefree environment. Let the words lift you up and smile.)

    January 6, 2021: “Deliver us from our oppressors, protects us from the tyrants that wish to enslave us, release us from financial and physical oppression, abolish harmful contagions and diseases from our planet, eliminate false narratives and individuals who intend to mislead, misinform, and disenfranchise our people, remove those who promote war and strife among our peoples and nations. We are one, we are all, we are peace .” (Try not to visualize any one individual or person. Visualize how happy and light you will feel without oppression, visualize your debts disappearing, visualize those that are ill getting up and walking, being healed, visualize soldiers putting down their arms and shaking hands, etc.)

    January 13, 2021: “Bring those to justice that have trespassed against us. Remove the oppressors from power or authority. Cleanse our world from negative thoughts and fears. Eliminate those who wish our world, our families, and/or our communities harm, financially or physically. Dethrone those in power that fail to put the needs of the people before the needs of themselves. We are one, we are all, we are peace.” (Again, try not to visualize any particular person or people, it can be too limiting. Visualize a judge fulfilling justice, visualize a great weight of negative thought being lifted and feeling happiness, visualize leaders being removed from office/power giving the world hope and freedom.)

  3. Fernando

    Hello! My name is Fernando and I just moved to Middelburg in the Netherlands. I am looking for others who practice the Art and maybe even find a Coven to join! Do you know any close here?

    1. Jana
  4. Paul Lewis

    Greetings from Germany. My name is Paul. I will be moving to Amsterdam in July and look forward to becoming involved in the Magickal community there.
    I am also looking for a book entitled: Witches in Holland: A Glance at Wicca in the Netherlands. It is hardcover and comes with a DVD.
    I would love to buy a copy. Anyone know where I can find one?

    Flags, Flax, Fodder, Frig


    1. Jana

      Hello Paul,
      Looking forward to meet you in the Netherlands! That book is our DVD with booklet, and you can order it here: https://www.mijnwebwinkel.nl/winkel/silvercirclewebshop/ (in Dutch and English).

  5. WhiteshadoW

    Via een omweg zie ik deze online versie van de Wiccan Rede, fantastisch? Ik lees het artikel ven Jana en zie dat mijn naam, al is deze al bijna vervlogen, nog genoemd word. -Blessed Be-mooie wijze mannen en vrouwen en dankjewel voor een mooie ontmoetings en informatie plek op het web


  6. Peter

    Ik stuur jullie allemaal HEEL liefde, kracht en positieve gedachten toe.

    Ik zit hier met een lieve kat, kaarslicht en wierook leuke rituelen uit te voeren met behulp van witte magie…

    Wat ik in een vorig leven ben geweest, ben ik nu weer!

    Gaia zij gelooft! Dankjewel.

    Heel veel succes met deze site!

    Liefs, Peter.

  7. Margriet

    Lieve mensen, ik heb van iemand een hele stapel oude Wiccan Redes gekregen om weg te geven. Wie heeft er belangstelling voor? Je betaalt alleen de verzendkosten 🙂
    1991 – winter
    1992 – spring autumn winter
    1995 – spring autumn winter
    1998 – winter
    2000 – spring summer autumn
    2002 – spring autum
    Mag in 1 koop, maar ook afzonderlijke jaargangen. Stuur maar een mailtje.

    1. Wandy vd Vlugt

      Hoi! Als je er nog hebt zou ik ze graag overnemen!

  8. Ana

    Hola buenas, me alegro de estar aquí, bendiciones.

  9. Ian Elliott

    Hi! I was ill at Beltane but would like to meet up with Wiccans / Pagans here in Norway this summer. I visited northern Holland a few years ago and was enchanted by its beauty. I used to write for Pagan World, the online mag of PFI. I am retired and living in Drøbak, Norway. I wish you the four goods of life: Flags, flax, fodder, Frigg!

    Ian Quicksilver

  10. Manja

    Ik wacht met smart op de Imbolc editie….

    1. Jana

      Vooral door andere bezigheden van mij is het Imbolcnummer vertraagd. Wordt aan gewerkt … zal niet lang meer duren, schat ik in.

      1. Manja

        Dan snap ik het. Ik werd al een beetje ongerust, maar zal verder rustig afwachten 😉

        1. Manja

          Yesss, hij is er! Bedankt voor al het werk!

      2. Margriet

        Hoera! Imbolc is er… Snel lezen!
        Heel erg bedankt 🙂

  11. Wesley

    Voor de liefhebber heb ik een aantal uitgaves van Wiccan Rede ter beschikking. Het betreft de volgende uitgaves:

    *2007: Lammas
    *2008: Beltane
    *2009: Lammas,Samhain, Beltane, Imbolc.

    Indien je interesse in de uitgaves hebt, stuur me dan even een mailtje. Uiteraard zijn de tijdschriften gratis voor wie ze graag over wilt nemen, maar ik vraag wel vergoeding voor de vezendkosten.

    Blessed be.

    1. Sifra

      heb je die tijdschriften nog? Ik heb wel interesse.


  12. Jaap

    Ik ben heel blij met de Wicca Rede. Geweldig dat hij er weer is. Bedankt!

  13. Margriet

    Wat geweldig om te zien dat Wiccan Rede weer online is!
    Dank jullie allemaal voor het vele werk. Het ziet er zeer interessant uit!

  14. Sietje

    Lieve mensen, bedankt voor jullie inzet! Geweldig dat er weer wat te lezen is. Ik verheug me al!

  15. Erin

    Mensen, wat geweldig! Dank jullie voor die enorme berg werk die dit moet zijn geweest!

  16. Alder Lyncurium

    Great news! Thank you very much for such an amazing work!

  17. Riejet Baaré

    Gefeliciteerd! Het ziet er mooi uit en ik ga eerdaags zeker een poosje struinen en lezen. Wat een berg werk moet dit zijn geweest…

  18. Emily

    Brilliant work Rhianne, Thank you!

  19. Lothanna

    Fantastisch nieuws!

  20. benjamin

    Super!!!! Wiccan Rede is er weer 😀

  21. Rinus de Ruiter

    En het Silver Circle forum?

  22. Loes

    Wat een werk is er gedaan om de WR weer online te krijgen! Petje af voor al diegene die hier maanden mee zoet zijn geweest.

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