Review: The Power of the Healing Field

The Power of the Healing Field: Energy Medicine, Psi Abilities, and Ancestral Healing
Peter Mark Adams
Healing Arts Press, January 4, 2022. Paperback ISBN 9781644113585

I first became aware of Peter as an author when his wonderful book Mystai: Dancing out the Mysteries of Dionysos was published. See the review link below.

This new book is however of a completely different subject matter and as the title suggests is about healing and his work with subtle energies.

In many respects, it is also about his own journey, together with his partner Kenzie, as they develop their own techniques. It is an invitation to everyone to explore their own path and embark on their own spiritual quest, in what Peter describes, ‘for emotional and spiritual well-being’.

One of the main keys to unfolding personal mysteries is to tap into ‘intuitive knowledge’. Peter, “The ability to feel connected to all life-forms is the key to our continued
personal and spiritual development. It is also the key to our continued survival as a species. Humanity is challenged to move beyond the unconscious demonization of other groups, peoples, and cultures and its indifference to the destruction and pollution of the natural environment.
Around the world, the forces of globalization and industrialization are eroding both biological and cultural diversity. We encounter the same brands, clothing, entertainment, and food products wherever we go. Less commented on is the fact that this uniform consumer culture, which represents a loss of cultural diversity, tends to undermine
perceptual diversity, which is our natural ability to connect to reality using different states of awareness.”

Describing the various therapies such as Meridian Therapy Technique, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Mind Connection Healing (MCH), Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT) various case studies are examined.

The journey however begins with Peter’s own personal account of how he was healed having been diagnosed with ‘an enlarged liver’. He also describes other personal ‘eureka moments’ and what is commonly called ASC’s Altered states of consciousness. (In some cases now also called ALTERNATE SC’s).

Using case history and testimonials we read of the often vivid recollections. Also and equally important are also the recollections of how healers have worked their mojo. The interaction between healers and patients are in themselves illuminating. As we read, Peter too was impressed at how his ‘Russian healer’ had drawn out the negative energies, or influences, on his liver.

As I read through the book I was reminded of Dion Fortune’s book, The Secrets of Dr. Taverner (1926). As a student of the Western Mystery Tradition, Fortune meant her fiction to be teaching tools. Peter’s book is not fiction and by citing real cases and the therapies utilised to help patients, he has provided us with a wealth of material for us to draw our own conclusions.

As practitioners on our own magical path in chapter 7, Healing through Spirit, Peter describes the The Range of Meditative Practices. Within this vast range of practices we can discern at least five basic patterns of meditative practice:

  • Mindfulness meditation consists of maintaining a state of present-moment, non-judgmental awareness.
  • Single-pointed meditation consists of maintaining focus on a single point.
  • Compassion meditation is a heart-centred meditation that involves reaching out to all sentient beings and wishing for the alleviation of their suffering.
  • Contemplation is a form of meditation involving the meditative exploration of a particular topic or question.
  • Yogic meditation is an advanced practice that involves some combination of meditative stillness, visualization, sound, breathing, and posture and energy work.

However, he points out: “Not all practices are suitable for us. If it doesn’t feel right, listen to yourself and stop; there will be some other approach or technique that is just right for you.”

P 144: Conclusions
• Your personal healing, self-development, or spiritual journey should not be another source of stress in your life. If it’s not joyful, then it’s probably the wrong thing for you.
• Not all facilitators and teachers are compatible with our personal style, no matter how highly recommended they may come. If you do not feel comfortable with someone, listen to yourself and stop; some other person will be more compatible with your personal style.
• Never try to push yourself too hard to obtain a result; everything has its own season.
• Expectations based on other people’s experiences may serve as a great motivation for getting started, but we really need to keep a check on our expectations and forego comparisons with other people. However your experience is, it’s okay, that’s how it was
meant to be.
• Be ready to step beyond the boundaries of the known and the familiar but recognize that each person’s tolerance for the unknown and the unfamiliar is different. What is extreme for one person may be child’s play for another. There is no standard against which you should measure yourself other than how you feel about it.
• Always make your best effort to transform any emotional issues that surface. Do not leave them hanging unresolved, since they will make you feel upset and unbalanced for some time afterwards.

This is excellent advice and places the emphasis on personal choice! As a ‘teaching tool’ this book is a gem. Not to be read and archived, but to be used as a guide frequently .. and put into practice. Highly recommended! 

Summary – Peter:

In chapter 1, Healing, Energy, and Consciousness, we set the scene by introducing the main categories and issues that we are going to deal with.

In chapter 2, Psi and Intuitive Knowledge, we look at how each and every one of us has the dynamic potential to access information with which we otherwise have no connection.

In chapter 3, Healing Issues within Our Timeline, we examine experiences from the extremities of our normal life cycle: those arising in the womb, during the birth process, and on the very brink of death. These experiences challenge the conventional understanding of consciousness and the boundaries of selfhood, of when the “I” can be said to exist.

In chapter 4, Healing Issues beyond Our Timeline, we extend our inquiry further, into the continuity of the self and the limits of consciousness, by examining examples of healing involving past lives as well as inherited family and ancestral trauma.

Chapter 5, The Healing Field, summarizes the implications of what we have learned up to now and proposes a model of consciousness and reality that allows us to make sense of these otherwise anomalous experiences.

Chapter 6, Healing on Extended Planes of Existence, expands our horizon yet again, to examine healing on levels of reality beyond the range of our immediate perceptual awareness. We consider the role of entity attachments of varying degrees of sentience that act to affect our health and mental balance.

Chapter 7, Healing through Spirit, considers mystical or peak experiences, including the variety of ways in which these are accessed and how they contribute to healing as well as the ethical and spiritual development of humanity. Finally,

Chapter 8, Conclusions, pulls all of this material together to develop an understanding of consciousness, reality, and identity that encompasses all of these phenomena. We then use this model to suggest strategies that will lead to profound levels of healing, increased happiness, and a greater contribution to our spiritual coevolution.

About Peter Mark Adams

  • Peter Mark Adams is an author, poet and essayist specialising in the ethnography and visuality of ritual, sacred landscape, esotericism, consciousness and healing. As a professional author, Peter’s non-fiction is published by Scarlet Imprint and Inner Traditions; literary prose and poetry largely in Corbel Stone Press’ literary journal Reliquiae: Journal of Nature, Landscape & Mythology Peter and his wife, Kenzie, have shared a healing and personal development practice for more than 20 years where they specialize in energy and meridian therapies, breathwork, and meditation. For more than 45 years, he has practised a range of meditative and energy-based techniques, including Mind Connection Healing, Reiki, EFT, mindfulness, Vivation, and Rebirthing Breathwork.
  • See the review of his book ‘Mystai: Dancing out the Mysteries of Dionysos’.


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