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I first met Casey in July 2018 when I was Pennsylvania. I was curious to talk with him about his book ‘Garbed in Green’ which was at that time being reviewed for Wiccan Rede Online. After an initial meeting we would meet again at a Lammas Gathering organised by folks from the Covenant of the Goddess / CoG. Casey gave a presentation and I, together with Matt Daughenbaugh, also gave a presentation. We had a wonderful day listening to each other’s talks and decided to meet again before I left to return home and spend the day together.

We talked about a variety of subjects and particularly about the Gala Tradition / Witchcraft which Casey has founded.

I suggested doing an interview but never quite got round to doing it until July of this year… 2020 🙂

(Casey – I love how connected I felt to my gods while blacksmithing)

We can easily chat for hours and so too for this interview. It wasn’t until I set about transcribing it that I realised it was probably more informative to share the raw take of the interview.

We talked about definitive moments when Casey came out of the closet and how he was bullied as a teenager. We discuss the origin of the Gala Tradition … and how Initiatory Wicca and Gerald Gardner have influenced him. Sybil Leek has also had a profound influence on Casey. Her attitude towards homosexuality was much more open than many of the later Gardnerians.

On Gala Witchcraft, Casey writes on the website “Gala Witchcraft is not just Wicca for Gay men. With the addition of the Male Mysteries to modern Wicca, Gala Witchcraft is the re-emergence of a Gay priesthood. We do not claim to be a continuation of those august and ancient orders of Gay male priests that populated the ancient world, but a modern incarnation of their same energetic current.”

We discuss some of these strands and how the tradition continues to evolve… and much more.

Many thanks to Casey for this openhearted chat!

Interview / Musings with Casey Giovinco – July 13, 2020..

Further references and links 

Gardbed in Green: Casey Giovinco

Garbed in Green: Casey Giovinco


Garbed in Green: Gay Witchcraft & The Male Mysteries
Casey Giovinco
30th January 2018, 158 p.
ISBN 978-0999871911

Email: caseygiovinco@hexebeast.com

Websites: https://caseygiovinco.com/



Casey: https://www.facebook.com/hexebeast

Garbed in Green: https://www.facebook.com/groups/wiccagarbedingreen/about/

Gala Witchcraft: https://www.facebook.com/galawitchcraft/


Review in Wiccan Rede Online: https://wiccanrede.org/2018/07/review-garbed-in-green/

Other books: A Dangerous Wisdom: Gay Love Magic (X-rated) (Gay Witchcraft & The Male Mysteries) Paperback – February 12, 2020.

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