Review: The Book of Mirrors

by Luthaneal Adams
Published by Capall Bann 2011
ISBN: 9781861633255 

When Luthaneal began this journal of personal reflections he wasn’t initiated, nor did he ever imagine that his notes would ever become the basis of this book.

In his introduction he writes “This book is a guided tour of my journey with the Wicca and the lessons that it brings me.” And so he begins his journey. Set in England in the last part of the 20th century we catch a glimpse of the social structure and milieu of a young man searching for a spiritual path. He shares his doubts and moments of joy… and also some of the rituals such as ‘Casting a Circle’ he practiced. In the section called Spells he describes a number of workings he did.

His journey continues and he makes acquaintance with a couple who have their own coven. And so begins his Wicca journey in earnest and making copious notes.

Luthaneal describes his own feelings about Wicca practice and asks pertinent questions such as “What ever happened to the Eight-fold Path?” and other equally thought-provoking questions. He also shares with us the moments of doubt, of the moments when one wonders if it is really worth the effort? He discusses too the academic studies versus practitioners’ experiences. How does one study an oral tradition? What is the value of archaelogical finds? All those often quirky questions such as “What is/was the Old Religion?” Is much of it pure fantasy and make-believe?

Luthaeal thinks aloud in his journal… On the Identity of the Gods… “It is a wonder how a supposedly singular priesthood can possess such a variety of views of their deities, and yet regardless all Wiccans appear to work together with great unity and purpose, achieving the results that have been sought after.”

And so the journey continues. Subjects such as Ritual & Magic, various ‘points of contention’, such as the 3-fold Return and working Skyclad, are all discussed. Does he get initiated in the end? Read the book and find out!

This is a valuable book for all of those who seek the Wiccan Path. Luthaneal shares with his reader many thoughts… thoughts which probably cross many seekers. And whether you decide to follow in Luthaneal’s footsteps or just enjoy the ride it makes an interesting read.


Over Morgana

"Morgana is Anglo/Dutch and lives in the Netherlands. She is a practising Gardnerian HPS. Over the years, she has facilitated a variety of Wiccan groups. She is co-editor of the international and bilingual "Wiccan Rede" magazine, which was launched in 1980 and is coordinator of Silver Circle, a Wiccan network in the Netherlands. As International Coordinator for PFI she travels extensively giving talks and workshops about Wicca and Paganism."
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