Review: Daughters of the Spring: Mor Karbasi

Daughters of the Spring: Mor Karbasi

CD 9488199942 from  Le chant du monde:

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I first came across Mor Karbasi when I heard her debut album “The Beauty and the Sea”  (2008). This was reviewed in the Beltane edition of WR-online. I was deeply moved by this young singer of Shephardic music. It was then with great pleasure to see this new CD appear  in the Spring of 2011.

It is no disappointment either! This is a worthy follow-up to the earlier mentioned CD.

Again this is a mixture of traditional Sephardic songs such as the haunting “Arvoles” (Trees cry for Rain) and the almost raunchy “Dezile al mi Amor” (Tell my love) to Mor’s own compositions such as “Un Beso de Vida” (A kiss of life).

To hear and see more about Mor Karbasi and the Ladino culture take a look at this documentary:

Using  her own songs as a soundtrack she talks about her roots and her family, her aspirations and of course her music.

Definitely worth a listen!

and for Dutch fans, looky, looky:

Eindhoven Muziekgebouw Eindhoven, kleine zaal Eindhoven 11/19/11 8:00pm
Rotterdam Lantarenvenster 11/20/11 3:30pm
groningen De Oosterpoort  11/21/11  8:00 pm

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