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Wicca, the Religion of Self-expression

Wicca is a simple religion. It is direct. There is little elaboration and above all it is what you make of it. We frequently call it a ‘do-it-yourself’ religion and that really describes the Craft in a nutshell. Lees verder

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Review: Walking the Tides

This book gives the reader an overview of the great rhythmic tides and flows of energy that animate the Land throughout the year and the natural happenings that occur along the way. Lees verder

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Connecting with Nature

It is better to go out and experience nature than to constantly sit in and read about it. A ‘sense of place’ is paramount to spirituality. There is nothing better than to detach yourself from the busy, noisy and crowded towns, and lose yourself in the tranquility and the almost surreal, non-materialism of the landscape. Lees verder

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