One response to “Het Middelpunt van de Cirkel, deel X”

  1. jastoop

    Hoi Serge,

    Een jaar of tien geleden ben ik begonnen aan een engelstalig artikel over het mizen van Oosterse en Westerse spiritualiteit. Ik heb het (nog) niet afgemaakt maar het sluit wel aan bij jouw punten voor stof tot nadenken of discussie:

    At the start of my magical career experienced pagans often told me that the mixing of Eastern and Western techniques was not done. Eastern techniques and spirituality belonged ‘there’ and were not suitable for ‘here’. The differences in culture, philosophy and energy would be to great and therefore it would be too confusing, some people said dangerous, too mix Eastern and Western spirituality. Selfwilled as I am though, I did not belief them and started experimenting with Eastern techniques within Western Paganism

    An important reason for keeping Eastern spirituality out of Paganism is that the beliefs of many Eastern religions are incompatible or even contradictory to pagan beliefs. And indeed in many cases this is true. Both Hinduism and Buddhism consider the physical world as an unclean, illusionary place that followers should reject in order to escape to nirvana. Very different from Paganism that honours the Earth as divine and celebrates life on it. But there are important similarities as well. The pagan ethic ‘an it harm none’ for example is thoroughly thought over and practically worked out in the Eightfold Path of Buddhism. And when I studied the Wiccan concept of polarity, I found the best clarification on the subject in the Toaist Yin-Yang philosophy and the best (and most fun) exercises in Tantric traditions. In my opinion there is a lot of wisdom to be learned from Eastern religions that is a very useful supplement to the wisdom of Western Paganism.

    The main reason for objecting to Eastern spiritual techniques is that they come from a culture that is very different from ours. That is of course true. But I think that the same can be said about runes, ogham, Egyptian Kyphy incense and Roman and Greek Gods and Goddesses. A lot of traditions within our pagan community are based on the religions of ancient cultures that are radically different from our Western culture today. That however is not a problem. People who feel an affinity for these cultures simply take what they need and want from them and adapt that to meet the demands of their present day situation. The same can be done with Eastern spirituality.

    Verder heb ik een stuk geschreven over het gebruik van Reiki binnen de hekserij wat hierop aansluit:

    BB en groetjes, Flierefluiter