Witch by birth, student by choice. Born into the loving arms of Merlin and Morgana as a little witch, now 30 and a person of her own. She took on the task of protecting the heritage of Merlin when he passed on. Rhianne is a big lover of animals, people, music, books and jummy food.

3 responses to “Witchcraft 2.0”

  1. Manja

    On my smartphone are (apart from Galaxy Tarot)

    Two moon-calendar apps:

    A pagan calendar app:

    A Paganism 101 app:

    A candle:

    And of course desktop shortcuts to some interesting websites such as Wiccan Rede and the Silver Circle Moon Calendar 🙂

  2. Astrid

    Just installed the tarot app!! Thank you for this information!

  3. bob

    real smart people do not use smartphones!