Witchcraft 2.0

In this modern day almost everybody has a smartphone. Which a lot of people use for keeping in touch with friends, finding out when it’s going to rain and to play Candy Crush. But did you know you can also use your smartphone to upgrade your magical life? I’ll admit, nothing is more romantic than standing outside in the pouring rain trying to figure out where to call the quarters. But sometimes you want to take the easy way out and go for the digital option.

Here are some of my favourite apps to use in your daily life to tweak your smartphone experience for the modern witch. All these apps are available for Android and free (yay!).

This is by far my favourite app in this category. A tarot app, using the Rider Waite deck. Tons of information, a userfriendly interface, nice graphics and the information is actually good. Highly rated by other users I certainly recommend this tarot app for some on-the-run readings and catching up on your knowledge of the cards.

However, there is one drawback and that is that this app only uses the Major Arcana. If you also want (slightly less detailed) information on the Minor Arcana I recommend downloading Galaxy Tarot

Sky Map (by Google) is an amazing app that does exactly what the name suggests: It’s a map for your sky. It’s as easy as pointing your phone towards the stars you’re curious about and Sky Map will tell you what the stars/constellations/planets are called. You can also search for certain objects or have a peek what the sky looked like on a specific date in the past. This app is a must have for the ones interested in astronomy. And a nice gadget if you like walks in the woods at night and wonder what stars you can see.

This app won’t need a lot of explanation. It’s a compass. Nothing more, nothing less. But in my experience this is one of the most accurate apps out there. Use it to find the quarters or to find your way back out of the woods after a nice walk.

A nice little app to keep track of time whilst meditating. In the world we are in time is a valuable thing. Use this app to your advantage by setting a timer for your (daily) meditation moments. No more wondering “how long have I sat here?” No more distractions from the ticking kitchen timer or invasive alarm clocks. Also, this app provides a few more options like guided meditations. Certainly worth checking out!

This app and I have a love/hate relationship. I love it for the moon calendar and the information that can be found. I hate it for the adds. Those are easily removed by upgrading to the Pro version though. The amount of spells you can find in the different categories is very high and you’ll certainly have to check out the Wicca & Pagan jokes tab.

The app is so extensive that you’ll have to take a little time to browse through all the information and options. But you’ll absolutely find something fun and usefull!

If you like using your smartphone for this kind of stuff it’s easy enough to find tons of amazing (and not so amazing) apps out there. Try searches on ‘pagan’, ‘wicca’, ’tarot’, ‘witchcraft’, etc in the playstore (found on your phone and at https://play.google.com/store).

Some are horrifying but others can actually make your life easier, more interesting or just put a smile on your face.

Have fun and let me know if you have any tips for other great (magical) apps!

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Witch by birth, student by choice. Born into the loving arms of Merlin and Morgana as a little witch, now a person of her own. She took on the task of protecting the heritage of Merlin when he passed on. Rhianne is a big lover of animals, people, music, books and jummy food.
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  1. Manja schreef:

    On my smartphone are (apart from Galaxy Tarot)

    Two moon-calendar apps:

    A pagan calendar app:

    A Paganism 101 app:

    A candle:

    And of course desktop shortcuts to some interesting websites such as Wiccan Rede and the Silver Circle Moon Calendar 🙂

  2. Astrid schreef:

    Just installed the tarot app!! Thank you for this information!

  3. bob schreef:

    real smart people do not use smartphones!

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