"Morgana is Anglo/Dutch and lives in the Netherlands. She is a practising Gardnerian HPS. Over the years, she has facilitated a variety of Wiccan groups. She is co-editor of the international and bilingual "Wiccan Rede" magazine, which was launched in 1980 and is coordinator of Silver Circle, a Wiccan network in the Netherlands. As International Coordinator for PFI she travels extensively giving talks and workshops about Wicca and Paganism."

2 responses to “Review: Ameth – The Life and Times of Doreen Valiente”

  1. Jonathan

    Dear Dana,
    Thank you for your comments posted above but I feel I should point out a few clarifications as you seem somewhat confused. I myself worked almost every day for six months at my own cost with a small privately funded team to archive the Doreen Valiente collection under the auspices of the CFPS. This work took place 1999-2000 culminating in the book ‘Charge of the Goddess’ and the first Doreen website and bio. This six month stint at the CFPS meant that I chose the poems for her book ‘Charge of the Goddess’ with the approval of the CFPS. To preserve the collection I suggested bringing n the British Museum to advise on the proper handling of the Books of Shadows and other sacred documents. It was I that introduced my dear friend Philip Heselton to John Belham-Payne in the autumn of 1999. Philip as you know is one of the leading experts on Gardner/BOS etc and I thought it would be helpful to bring him onboard. Philip and I have often compared notes, talked, written on similar subjects and I, like you, can’t wait to see his book on Doreen which will be great. Let us hope there are many more people to write about this marvelous woman and each improve on those writers before. I wouldn’t call my 14 year journey with Doreen’s collection – ‘a rush job’. Anyway thanks again

  2. Dana Corby

    This book was a hurry-up job by someone who had no right, according to the Centre fo Pagan Studies (where Doreen’s papers are archived,) to publish it. Tapsell was not, as he clims, the curator of Doreen’s papers, but merely someone who briefl had access to them. The *real* biography of Doreen Valiante, researched, written, and published in cooperation with the CFPS, is being written by Phillip Haselton.

    Dana Corby