Review: The 2015 GBG ‘Year and a Day’ Calendar

GBG Calendar 2015

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Since 2010, the GBG “Year and a Day” calendar project has shared photos, news clippings and quotes from Gerald B. Gardner (GBG), Doreen Valiente, Patricia Crowther, Eleanor Bone, Monique Wilson, Lois Bourne, Barbara Vickers, Edith Woodford-Grimes and other of the early High Priestesses, covering over six decades of Craft history.
As something special for 2015 you may find some photos you have not seen before. None of the images repeat photos or articles used in previous GBG “Year and a Day” Calendars.

2015 calendar

This year includes Edith Woodford-Grimes, the witch who first introduced Gerald Gardner to the Coven into which he was initiated. Dafo, a nickname which Gerald used fondly for Edith, was part of the Rosicrucian Theatre group near the New Forest, where Gerald made many discoveries that eventually brought him into the “Witch Cult.” As Dafo touched Gerald’s life, she in turn has also touched all of our lives too, and for that we honor her!

Special thanks to Philip Heselton for making several photos of Dafo and Gerald available, and to the Doreen Valiente Foundation as well for their support of this calendar project.

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