The queen of Night

The queen of Night

The bounty of harvest has been brought in
The nights are longer, leaves’withering
There is a chill in the night wind
Summer we leave behind’

The old one is coming
The wind tells of the song’s she’s singing
Darkness tightens in the night
Moving ever onwards, succumbing the light

The howl of a wolf can be heard in the distance
The leaves twirl in the dark for a last summer’s dance
The earth trembles at the feet of the old one
She hums in the night cause her reign has come

Where She treads the light fades
A tide of night cascades
From her hands old as time
And She brings us a story in rhyme’

‘Don’t ye be afraid of the coming time
I bring you insights sublime
For I see into your soul like a book
I know every cranny and nook
I bring you the mysteries of the unseen
In the dark of the night I am your Queen
‘When I come oh my younglings
With darkness I bring light on your inner tidings
Do not fear the dark or My presence
For only I guide you to your Essence
I am the One who all will meet
Destiny ends right here at my feet”

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