Review: The Temple of Hekate

The Temple of Hekate
Tara Sanchez

Cover of the book The Temple of Hekate

(The Cover art for the Temple of Hekate is by Georgi Mishev, Bulgaria)

ISBN 978-1-905297-49-8.  Price UK  RRP £12.99

This is an excellent follow-up book to Sorita & David’s book ‘Hekate, Liminal Rites’ in that it is a collection of modern rituals. Tara has used her own experiences and presented in book form a working modern day Temple of Hekate.

From the basic introduction to Hekate and general magical practice (the necessity of keeping a magical journal for example) Tara discusses many aspects of temple practice. This in itself is important. However I was extremely interested in the description of the ‘Oracle of Her Sacred Fires’.

Using three six-sided dices she has gleaned the book ‘Her Sacred Fires’ for appropriate texts. She has given a table with the various correspondences.

For example she used one of my quotes for 5-5-5 “Ten rows of steps ..leading to the stone-paved road. The temple, encircled with five rows of steps…”  (Morgana Sythove, Sacrifices will be made, from Hekate, Her Sacred Fires 2010) 🙂

Of course Tara encourages everyone to create their own form of divinationary system but this is a wonderful way of creating a link with modern priests and priestesses of Hekate.

Filled with many other insights and personal experiences Tara has presented us with a book not only honouring the past but pointing the way to new ways of working with Hekate.


Tara Sanchez
Tara is the author of The Temple of Hekate. She is a Torchbearer of the Covenant of Hekate, and previously contributed to the anthology Hekate: Her Sacred Fires (2010).  She was also one of the key facilitators of the Rite of Her Sacred Fires (2010) with Sorita d’Este, a worldwide ceremony which was held for the first time during the Full Moon of May 2010. Tara currently resides on the Cheshire/Derbyshire border with her long suffering husband, beautiful and precocious daughter and a gaggle of cats.  For more information visit her website:




Over Morgana

"Morgana is Anglo/Dutch and lives in the Netherlands. She is a practising Gardnerian HPS. Over the years, she has facilitated a variety of Wiccan groups. She is co-editor of the international and bilingual "Wiccan Rede" magazine, which was launched in 1980 and is coordinator of Silver Circle, a Wiccan network in the Netherlands. As International Coordinator for PFI she travels extensively giving talks and workshops about Wicca and Paganism."
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