Review: Hekate Liminal Rites

Cover of the book Hekate liminal rites

Hekate Liminal Rites (Rituals Magic & Symbols)
 Sorita d’Este & David Rankine
2009. Paperback, 196 p. ISBN 978-1905297238. RRP £12.99.

For devotees of the Goddess Hekate this is a *must have* book. In an easy to read style Sorita and David have  included many sources and references to Hekate spanning 3000 years. From the Odyssey (Homer) to the famous Theogony (Hesiod), from Greek drama to Macbeth (Shakespeare) we come to see how Hekate has influenced magical en spiritual thought.

We can read how Hekate was slowly demonised and came to be feared. However in this book we can see how Hekate has been fused, syncretised and adapted to become an influential and modern day Goddess.

Perhaps it is Hekate who more than most ancient goddesses has come back into our lives. My own encounter with her is one of many. I feel that it is however important that we look to original sources when working with ancient deities.

David & Sorita have done an excellent job  with this book by giving us a few signposts. An important section of the book is the closer look at the Greek Magical Papyri (PGM) and the charms and spells. Not only is Hekate mentioned (and her symbols… the key, blackdog/bitch etc.) but also other gods and goddesses closely associated with her. Hermes/Hermekate, Ereschigal, Zeus, Aphrodite, Artemis and Selene. In the chapter ‘Fusions’ they look at these connections in more detail.

Hekate in her liminal nature, standing on the threshold, with her two torches was also known by many names: from Chthonia “earthly one” to Phosphorus “light-bearer” to Soteira “saviour”. Gradually we begin to see why Zeus also exhalted her… “she is honoured amongst all the deathless gods…”




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