Review: Chaos Monk – Bringing Magical Creativity to the New Monastic Path

Chaos Monk – Bringing Magical Creativity to the New Monastic Path
Steve Dee
Published Summer Solstice 2022, by The Universe Machine, NORWICH, UK.

ISBN 978-1-7398688-2-6

Cover of the book Chaos Monk.

Steve Dee is not new to readers of Wiccan Rede Online. I reviewed a couple of books authored by Steve, and one in collaboration with Julian Vayne. See references for more details

I also interviewed him and Julian in 2016.

I was impressed with Steve’s approach combining classic IOT / Illuminates of Thanateros practice with mindfulness, Jungian psychology and other magical systems. I was more than curious to see his latest work Chaos Monk. I have not been disappointed.

As ever, Steve manages to weave information and inspiration seamlessly. In section 1, which he calls ‘Theoreticum’, he discusses Monasticism. He reminds us that the word is of Greek origin monos meaning ‘singular’ or ‘alone’. Monasticism is usually religious, but it can be used to describe any mode of living that’s either solitary or within a community that is isolated. In today’s world, one can be isolated – and certainly, the COVID period illustrated this – and still be part of an online community.

Expanding on the practices Steve talked about in ‘Chaos Craft’ he now delves much deeper. Via several exercises & techniques, he helps us to become equipped as a Monk, in the classic sense. From ‘Sculpting a Monastic Altar’ to ‘Spiritual Formation: Walking the Spiral of Change’.

Section 2: Practicum. To acquire greater knowledge and experience Steve presents several traditions and workings, from the practises of the Golden Dawn to The Abra Melin Working from The Chaos Buddha to Divine Reading (e.g. Principia Discordia, Bhagavad Gita, The Gospel of Thomas). Whatever path you choose, it’s your mystery being revealed, it’s your pilgrimage.

Whatever the destination particular to our chosen religious or magical path, the Pilgrimage represents a very physical expression of our devotion and longings. We are no longer armchair aspirants, rather our internal journey in pursuit of meaning is gaining a very physical and spatial expression. Whether undertaken independently or with the support of others, we are acknowledging that staying put is not enough, we need to hit the road.

Many years ago I called ‘Wicca – the religion of self-expression’ – I guess I was a latent ‘Chaos Monk’ 😀

Highly recommended.


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