Review: Witch. Unleashed. Untamed. Unapologetic

Witch. Unleashed. Untamed. Unapologetic
Lisa Lister
Hay House, 2017. 273 p. ISBN 978-1-78180-754-5

Cover of the book 'Witch' by Lisa Lister

“A witch is a woman in her power. She’s wise, a healer, someone who is aligned with the cycles of Mother Nature and the phases of the Moon. Yet for so long, the word ‘witch’ has had negative connotations – being used as an insult, a slur and to perpetuate fear.”

Well, there may be attempts to continue or revive that tradition. Because whenever women become more powerful, some people are going to complain. And empowering is what Lisa Lister helps women to do. She is a third-generation gypsy witch and has studied several types of witchcraft, including Stregheria, Hoodoo, Gardnerian and Alexandrian traditions. Yes, she knows that men too can be witches, but she’s doing women’s work and she’s not going to apologize for that. It’s totally okay if you disagree with parts of the book.

Lister tells about her own story and the story of women in general (Herstory). In her opinion it is time to reclaim the power of the witch, our birthright as women. You don’t need to be a Wiccan or a Pagan to be a witch. “All you need is a deep sense of knowing who you are underneath all the noise, labels and societal messaging. That’s why your roots, and the practices and traditions that accompany them, are the best place to start waking the witch within you.”

You have to conect with Earth. Don’t get rid of your masculine parts (“you’ll need them”) but let the feminine parts lead the masculine ones. Love yourself.

The second half of the book is about five aspects of the witch:
– the Force of Nature
– the Creatrix
– the Oracle
– the Healer
– the Sorceress

In these chapters, you learn how a witch relates to Nature (and the calendar); how to create magic – with or without an altar; how to divine; how to heal and how to relate to your body and to the dark. And then you’re told to do it your own way. But by that time, you’ve figured that out for yourself.

Recommended for every woman who wants to reclaim this power, and for anyone who knows one way of being a witch. Lisa Listers way of being a witch will certainly give you food for thought.

Over Jana

Wicca is mijn religie, achteraf gezien is dat altijd al zo geweest. Ik heb het geluk gehad mensen te leren kennen waarmee het goed klikte. In 1984 hebben zij me ingewijd in een Gardnerian coven. Anders was ik alleen verder gegaan. Mijn ideeën over de rol van man en vrouw komen in wicca terug. Zo ook mijn ideeën over het belang van natuur en milieu: ik vier de jaarfeesten en eet de groenten van het seizoen. En de Wiccan Rede ('Doe wat je wilt, mits het niemand schaadt') was al mijn lijfspreuk voor ik wicca leerde kennen.
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