The Morrigan Papers – Anu


As she walked up to the world tree, she noticed that the wheat was ripe, and the wind rippled the crops, it whispered tales of long forgotten times, continuations, unions and futures to be born again. The wind was soft with a touch of warmth of the fading sun, birds flew over and over again, assembling in large flocks. Crickets sang their song, hidden in the long grasses. Lingering dog roses, their scent sweet with an unfulfilled promise. A waning moon, ascended just above the horizon. Somehow she was feeling excited and slow at the same time. She enjoyed everything that came along her path in this violet hour as she slowly walked up to the tree. There was a sense of consciousness, clarity, but ever so quiet. It was as if different worlds came together, almost touchable in their uncanny union.

She arrived at the tree and sat down for a while, her back resting against the stem of the tree. She looked around her, her head moving slowly in every direction, she drank her surroundings in, in anticipation of what was ahead, what was coming. She closed her eyes and listened to all the music nature was making. All of a sudden it became very quiet, nature holding its breath.

She opened her eyes and looked immediately in the right direction. Down the path, a figure clad in a reddish-green cloak approached the world tree. When the figure came closer, she could see that it was a woman, pregnant with child. On her head a small, silver blue crown. A Royal appearance.

She stood up and waited for the figure to arrive at the entrance of the world tree. She realized it was Anu, in her aspect of Mother Goddess. She bowed her head with respect. Anu now said: “Help me, child of mine, for I am to give birth to a son and something is not right”. Anu lay down and with one big push she gave birth to a son as she foretold. The boy was blueish of skin tone and she saw that the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck. Gently but swift, she unwrapped the cord, gave him a good slap on his behind to make him breath. Anu was watching what she was doing but said nothing. The child still did not breath and in a last attempt she closed her own mouth around his, and gently blew her own breath into his lungs. His tiny little chest moved up when her breath reached his lungs. And then that lovely sound, a crying baby. The blue skin tone disappeared quickly and she took her own cloak to wrap him and laid him down so she could attend to Anu but she was not lying down anymore. She looked up to Anu, who stood beside her as if nothing really had happened, a faint smile on her face. Anu’s shadow hovered over her and the baby. Anu said: “The union of you and him through your breath will last forever, and you will name him Gwydion for he is born of the trees”. Anu turned and walked away leaving the baby behind with her.

She was perplexed, what was she to do with a new-born, she could not feed it! She turned around to pick up the baby but the baby grew into an adult man. And then she recognized the God. It was Lugh, father, lover, brother and husband. All different aspects of one and the same thing. Just like Anu is one aspect of the many shapes of the Morrigan. And she understood that everything was and will always be connected, that there was union in life and death, union in love and war, union in everything. A universal union that could never be broken. History would repeat itself in an unborn future.

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