The Promise of Bride


The Promise of Bride

I have heard your cry,
I have heard your call,
I have shed your veil,
the earth, my wall

And here I am, born anew
On the surface, in grasses dew,
My pale eyes meet the skies above,
My first breath brings life and love

I grow and grow, in Springtime bright
Through golden rays of sunny light
Growing into the maiden so fair
Clad in willow green, with golden hair

With my pure and soothing water,
For the skill of healing is mine
And through my breath I’ll cool you
And give you insights divine

I have been formed in brightness,
With skills handed by ancient time
This memory surrounds us
No one could tear that design

And when the time’s appointed
For me to transform again
I do it with courage and knowledge
For I am the blacksmith of men

My promise to you is sacred,
For I am the Mother to be,
So open your eyes my son, my daughter
My promise of fertility

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