The Cry of the Cailleach

Red her eyes, a cold blue face
Slamming with her Stick, without any grace
Shaping the land with stones thrown by chance
Making earth ready for another dance

Life in the essence, hidden inside
I urge you to grow to meet the light
Snow on the surface, water in disguise
To soften the seed in which you hide

Don’t be afraid, to circle again
As if your life has just begun
Another change, cycle, or phase
Light is increasing, in this time and place

I am your past, your present and future
There will be only growth I ensure you
Become a warrior with a zest for life,
It will be a battle, it will be a strife

And when you are ready for this new chance
When you are ready, dance the dance
Face your own inner darkness, leave it behind,
And find your life improving, find it refined

So, shed off your shield, or slam that brick wall
By now you must have heard my cry, my call
Trust upon your inner light,
To face the surface and meet the Bride.

Pregnant Cailleach

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2 reacties op The Cry of the Cailleach

  1. Nemain Cwmbran schreef:

    Inderdaad zelf geschreven, dank voor je compliment.

  2. Lothanna schreef:

    Wat een schitterend en toepasselijk gedicht! Heb je het zelf geschreven?

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