One response to “When runes become the gods”

  1. Geir-Johan Fokstuen

    Good well research-cited Article. Bearing in mind that the basis for the Latin Alphabet written records, as penned by Chistianising period of the day, drew on the Tellings of Norse People who at the time were a traditional Shamanic Society. Furthermore, the “Colouring” of the Runes were apart from the much touted Blood practice, also done with Vegetable and Mineral Dydes as dependant on the type of magic needed in the sending. For instance, for healing or fecundity, vegetable dye from appropriate Herbal Lore source as the “colouring” agent for sendings to Goddess Eir. After all, the full application of Universal concept of Sympathetic Magic must not be discounted as having some narrow confine when applied to the Viking Practices, as theirs was a sophisticated level of interaction with their world as recent Archeology is unearthing more and more. Skaal G-JF