One response to “Mag het ook echt zijn?”

  1. Should it really be?

    Dear Hagtessa, I enjoyed your article should it really be!

    In order to be sensitive, and work with the natural forces, you have to kill out ambition. In days of old it was all about listening and being aware in order to learn and work with them. This knowledge was handed down though generations from personal contact and upbringing. It is not in books. But anyone can learn if they are simply quit and dedicate time to being in and working with nature.

    I agree with your article, and it is very well said. One of the best products of this kind of work is a personal empowerment. Once you you have a working relationship with the elements, you have learned to tame your ego, and it imparts a presence that is imbued in ones nature. Obviously you are there:)

    Blessed Be,

    Mermyst Seastar!/profile.php?id=100002279603476