Review: The Way of the Horned God

Dancing Rabbit : The way of the Horned God – A young man’s guide to modern Paganism
O Books, 2010, 153 p. ISBN 978-1-84694-267-9

Cover of the book Way of the Horned God

There are not many books about male Pagan spirituality. Certainly not when compared to the number of books on female spirituality. This one is even more special, because it directs the young Pagan man, the growing boy with an interest in Paganism. It gives sound advice, without being patronizing. It is a guide, more than a book with lessons. The basics of Paganism are explained and the reader gets a good idea of how to get started practising Paganism. Starting with cleaning the room and learning how to use the washing machine, and grounding and centering. And even before that, by deciding how to deal with ones parents, if they are not Pagan.
After a chapter about ‘Encountering the Sacred’ – how to meditate, how to create a sacred space – there are chapters on The Goddess, on The Horned God and on ‘The Horned God and the Goddess’. The final chapter is about ‘Your passage into manhood’, separation from childhood and entering puberty – separate rituals that a boy or young man can do on his own if no one is around to guide him through it.
The author is an eclectic Wiccan and member of the Unitarian Universalist Church and has borrowed from Humanism too for this book. But boys and young men from (or with an interest in) any Pagan denomination can learn a lot from this book.

Over Jana

Wicca is mijn religie, achteraf gezien is dat altijd al zo geweest. Ik heb het geluk gehad mensen te leren kennen waarmee het goed klikte. In 1984 hebben zij me ingewijd in een Gardnerian coven. Anders was ik alleen verder gegaan. Mijn ideeën over de rol van man en vrouw komen in wicca terug. Zo ook mijn ideeën over het belang van natuur en milieu: ik vier de jaarfeesten en eet de groenten van het seizoen. En de Wiccan Rede ('Doe wat je wilt, mits het niemand schaadt') was al mijn lijfspreuk voor ik wicca leerde kennen.
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