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Blood Moon & Samhain, October 28/31, 2023

A ritual for this special moment when the Blood Moon almost coincides with Samhain, with a pathworking and the poem that starts with the lines ‘I am the God who waits / In the dead of the Year, in the Dark of life’. Lees verder

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Spells, Rituals and Meditations in the Darkness

While magic happens at all times of the day, the rituals, spells, and meditations are typically performed by our coven after dark this time of year. So what are some of the things that our own coven may do as we go “into the dark…?” One thing that our coven enjoys doing on some years is a full-ceremonial Dumb Supper. Lees verder

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Ineens komen er kinderen langs de deuren in Nederland om Halloween te vieren, terwijl wij toch al het feest van Sint Maarten hebben. Waarom is dat jammer, en wat is er eigenlijk tegen op Halloween? Lees verder

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The Underworld

Hallowe’en is the turning point, the ‘bringing back to the essence’, at which we celebrate the dying of the old year and the conception of the new year, or the reaffirmation of life. It involves the descent into the Underworld. In virtually all the mythologies there is an underworld, a place in which we are often judged and purified and after a period of rest, resurrected. Lees verder

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