Truly global – memories of Gwiddon Harveston

The 40th anniversary of Wiccan Rede and Silver Circle this year naturally brings back memories of our experience with Wiccan Rede throughout the years. My first introduction to the magazine occurred in April 2009, when I met the chief editor Jana and the founders – Merlin and Morgana – at the International PFI conference in Lunteren, Netherlands.

Over the past decade, I learned to appreciate the unique and valuable format of Wiccan Rede, which was bilingual from the start and welcomes contributions from diverse cultures and pagan topics. Along with several dedicated Russian team members, I translated several articles of interest from Wiccan Rede and published them on the Russian PFI page and our very own Silver Circle Russia website I was also fortunate to contribute to several articles published by Wiccan Rede. This was an amazing experience!

I remember obtaining several paper copies of old editions of Wiccan Rede, and I find this connection to history very important. Going to an online format turned Wiccan Rede into a truly global phenomenon. Russian readers are now able to easily access the materials and many are interested in the translation effort to bring the articles to non-English speaking audiences.

This speaks to the importance of Wiccan Rede and Silver Circle to the international pagan community.

Notes from Morgana:
Gwiddon wrote this very extensive article about SC, The Enchantment of the Silver Circle

See too: (English & Russian)

Gwiddon and I have met on many occasions in different countries and even on different continents 🙂 as representatives of both Silver Circle and PFI. He is a wonderful ambassador and was even active in URI for a time as the Youth Ambassador in Russia.

Many thanks to Gwiddon (and  Eva) for your unending support!

Memories of Gwiddon & Morgana at PantheaCon, San Jose, USA in 2014

(PantheaCon 2014 with Margot Adler, Starhawk, Morgana and Gwiddon)

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