My promise to you is sacred,
For I am the Mother to be,
So open your eyes my son, my daughter
My promise of fertility

And here I am, growing strong
Into a princess, on my own
But not yet, not yet

Riding my Horse, wind in my hair,
Chasing the lads, caught up in flair,
But not yet, not yet,

Singing with Birds, my voice like a bell,
Healing waters, wishing well
But not yet, not yet

On the cross roads, sounds in the air
Inner messages from everywhere
But not yet, not yet

And then of lively blood a first sign,
Saying goodbye to childhood mine,
But not yet, not yet

My thoughts and hopes, future grain,
Only childhood memories remain
And yet, and yet

Moving on, new state of mind
My whispers leaving Bride behind
And yet, and yet

Transformed in beauty, to nourish new life
A worthy task for the clan, to thrive
And yet, and yet

I am your future, the princess and Bride
The promising queen in a new light

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