4 responses to “Review: Blood Sorcery Bible Volume 1: Rituals in Necromancy”

  1. Dan

    Your review is not helpful. All you offer are superficial complaints. What about the praxis, the applied magic? Tell us why we should or shouldn’t immerse ourselves in its current, and why you think doing so would or would not produce results. Be a reviewer, not a window shopper.

    1. Ernest

      Yes, agreed. There is nothing in the review that discloses that the reviewer may have actually appraised the entire work first, but rather has decided to refer only to very small parts as if to delibeartely throw scorn upon the author.

    2. Go-Er

      Anyone who did any real research will have problems with “recipe magic”, because it’s simply not how magic works. Yes, you can follow recipes, and if you do it right, it can produce results, but that’s because anything and everything can produce results – that is inherent in the nature of magic. From there on the question is whether cutting yourself at the behest of a semi-educated, overconfident woman is a good idea. Did you read the book? I have. The whole thing is a mess of bad writing, bad magical theory and bad recipes held together with spit and gothic horror ambiance.

  2. sevastiaan koschei

    It’s not what a magician does or does not say, it’s the paradigm, the essence of idea that resonates with the reader.

    Take true what matters, and leave what is unworthy of the work, and most of all read between the lines where all magick is found.