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The Gypsy Palace Tarot
78 Handmade Cards by Nora Huszka
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Nora Huszka presents her Tarot

Nora Huszka presents her TarotI’m always drawn to new Tarot decks as I love to browse through the cards and enjoy the artwork. So when I got the chance to review this I quickly grabbed the cards and took them home. Going through the deck I am amazed by the extremely vivid colors and the fact that the names are written in four languages: English, German, Spanish and Hungarian.

The colors of the Gypsy Palace Tarot cards are very bright

Yes, the cards are almost this bright in real life!

Soon I start to notice that the cards don’t look like the ’traditional’ Tarot decks that I know. Certain symbolism is still pretty self-evident, but others not so much. Since the Gypsy Palace Tarot is less clear in the definition of the cards it can be a bit tricky to understand the meaning of a spread. On one hand I think it’s very nice to figure out for yourself what the cards mean to you and how to interpret them, but especially for beginners this can be quite confusing.

Looking for some more information online I came across the video by the artist herself where she explains a little about how she came to creating this deck and how to look at the cards.

Watch the video.

There is a small two-page information leaflet which accompanies the cards showing you ‘The Caravan Spread’, which is a different way to use these cards. I find the whole vibe of the illustrations and (little piece of) text quite creative and in a way exciting. The deck gives you a chance to discover a different way of approaching Tarot, whilst still being fully functional.

However, like mentioned before, if you need some guidance this probably isn’t the best place to start. Nora Huszka is working on a book to come with the cards, but for now you will have to be your own guide.
All in all I like the general idea behind this Tarot deck and if you are into this kind of artwork you should certainly have a look on her site Here you can find a lot more information on the cards and the artist herself.

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  1. Nora Huszka schreef:

    Dear Rhianne,
    Thanks for your review!
    Did You make readings with it already? I think much things will get clearer in use and spending some time with them! It is actually very interactive and deep if you let them speak.

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