Review: Where the Wind Blows

Cover of the album Where the Wind Blows by Harmony Glen
Where the Wind Blows – Harmony Glen (Epos Imaginaire Studio EIMM005) See:

This is a surprising album in that, as we can read on the cover notes,  we quickly discover that Harmony Glen is no longer a traditional Celtic folk band. Using many of their own experiences as the basis of their songs they show us some of those odd, quirky moments which stay with us for a long time.

The band now comprises of Sjoerd, Nienke, Dominique, Vincent and Job.

This a clip from the launch of the new CD in De Oude Remise, Nieuweschans:

Sjoerd (on banjo)  wrote the opening number ‘The Naked Lady in the Swamp’ following the traditional Irish tune Gan Ainm. It is an interesting mix of traditional and contemporary Irish music and one of my favourites on this album. It  has a lovely otherworldly feel about when you don’t quite know what to expect.

The title track ‘Where the Wind Blows’ is a song where you feel like joining in with the chorus:

Let’s go back through fading times, I’m sure there is a reason
Let’s go back to where we belong
Where memories lasting forever, memories lasting forever.

‘ The Burning of Auchindoun’ is based on a traditional Scottish song. Auchindoun Castle, we read “was in hands of the Ogilvies… until the Mackintoshes decided to burn it to the ground as a retaliation for the murder of the Bonnie Earl of Moray by the Marquis of Huntley”.  This song is about this lamentable event.

‘Song of a a child’ from Vincent is a lament for a child unborn… with an acoustic guitar, accordeon and distant drum. A song many people will relate to… fading away, fading away.

The whole album is very *tight and together* which reflects how the band play live. Their recent gig at the PFI Dutch conference was very well received. Go and see them if you have a chance… and if not  buy this album instead  🙂



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