Review: The Daughters of Danu

The Daughters of Danu
Piet Ceanadach
Moon Books, see their review.

Cover of the book The daughters of Danu

First of all who is Piet? He is described as

“a teacher of Paganism, especially the Wiccan and Druid-Craft paths. He is a third degree Gardnerian High Priest, well known throughout Europe. He has extensive practical experience of Circle Working, writing and organising Ceremonies, teaching workshops and legal weddings and handfastings. The Craft has taken him abroad where he meets regularly with other Wiccan’s, especially throughout Western and Northern Europe Piet has also been co-organiser of PaganCon Glasgow and had been Treasurer for both PaganCon and DruidCon until this year. He is also on the Scottish Pagan Federation Council in the capacity of Hospital Liaison Officer and is responsible for the whole of Scotland. Piet has written various articles for Pagan publications over the years and has been a keen contributor to many online discussion forums. Piet is married with children and grandchildren.”

Indeed … I know Piet both as a witch and Pagan Federation Scotland officer. He and his wife Siusaidh have served the Pagan community for many years.

As far as I know this is Piet’s first book but it is quite possible that he and/or Siusaidh have written other books. I wouldn’t be surprised  🙂

This book is in fact a novel and is the story of a young girl Orla who becomes a Priestess or Daughter of Danu. She is born as the daughter of a blacksmith. Her story starts when the Land of Eirinn is suffering neglect … even the animals are depressed as the rains continue day in, day out.

Through Orla’s belief in the Old Ones, at first unconsciously, she is chosen to restore the balance. Together with others she follows the instructions Dana give. We hear how she fares .. which rituals have to be performed …

In the second half it is her niece and good friend Niamh whose story is told.

Both girls, although young, are touched by the Otherworld and it is they who are ‘The Daughters of Danu’.

This is lovely story and describes the necessity of observing the seasonal cycle, honouring the Spirits of the Land and the practice of seasonal rituals in the true storyteller’s tradition.

Over Morgana

"Morgana is Anglo/Dutch and lives in the Netherlands. She is a practising Gardnerian HPS. Over the years, she has facilitated a variety of Wiccan groups. She is co-editor of the international and bilingual "Wiccan Rede" magazine, which was launched in 1980 and is coordinator of Silver Circle, a Wiccan network in the Netherlands. As International Coordinator for PFI she travels extensively giving talks and workshops about Wicca and Paganism."
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