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Damh is a modern-day Bard whose spirituality, and love of folk tradition, is expressed through his music, storytelling and poetry. Drawing on the Bardic traditions his performances are both entertaining and educational, weaving a tapestry of myth, peace, and anthems that speak directly to the heart, but never without a good splash of humour. Damh is a musical storyteller who works within the world of myth that cannot be proved; where the Faerie really do dance on Midsummer’s Eve, where the trees talk, and the Hollow Hills take you into the realms of Annwn. Where the Goddess rides her horse, guiding you to magic, and the Horned God of old calls us from the shadows of the Greenwood.

In August this year I finally caught up with Damh and saw him perform in Prague.  This was not his first concert in Prague. Last year (2009) a concert tour had been organised by PFI Czech Republic and PFI Austria. It was obvious at the Prague concert that Damh is well loved. Singing and dancing along we had good old-fashioned folk evening.  He sang several songs from the two CD’s I now have. 🙂

BTW he – and Cerri – gives some pretty damh good workshops too. They got about 15 Czech pagans (and me)  to write as many poems in one session.. not bad going at all!

Thanks Damh (& Cerri)  for brightening some bleak moments!

Tales from the Crow Man: Damh the Bard

Whispered secrets, voices long gone,
You will hear within my songs,
2 Ravens, and a murdered knight,
Lord Donald’s servant, taking flight,
Morris bells on Beltane morn,
Pipes and Drums as the Sun is born,
So raise your voices, dance, and sing,
And let the Crow Man’s tales begin…

… and indeed the beautiful and mournful ‘Twa Corbies’. This is a traditional song and is sung from as far apart as Scotland to the Czech Republic. Also known as the ’three Ravens’ it describes the forgotten knight who lies dead and is only mourned by his hound, hawk and lady.

Lord Donald’s or Lord Darnell’s servant is found in the song ‘Matty Groves’. Damh has kept to the arrangement “based on the classic Fairport Convention version from Liege and Lief” – which is one of my all time favourite albums.

From real rockers such as ‘The Two Magicians’ and the tale of the lusty smith, to the haunting ‘Wild Mountain Thyme’ ….. will ye go lassie go…

As Nature Intended: Damh the Bard (November 2010)

This album is Damh’s latest release.  It is recorded live at ‘Witchfest International’ (Fairfield Halls, Croydon, UK) November 2007. As the title suggests this is Damh at his most ‘pure’. I really like it though! Classics such as ‘Song of Awen’ and the beautiful ‘Lady of the Silver Wheel’.

‘Pagan Ways’ and ‘Anarchy in the UK’ are contemporary songs and in the best folk/protest tradition. ‘Obsession’ is one of my favourite tracks…

Let me come to you and be the Sun in your sky,
Under my heat on golden corn you will lie,
The Moon may shine but you are the Goddess I see,
And lying there naked you wake up the God within me.

The last track is ‘The Horned God’ – an unofficial biography by Damh the Bard. A story in the best bardic tradition! A story of the Oak King and the Holly King.

See : for more information and ordering. Plus other albums and the ‘Damh the Bard Songbook’.

Do take a look if you don’t know his work – he is one the best pagan artists around!

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"Morgana is Anglo/Dutch and lives in the Netherlands. She is a practising Gardnerian HPS. Over the years, she has facilitated a variety of Wiccan groups. She is co-editor of the international and bilingual "Wiccan Rede" magazine, which was launched in 1980 and is coordinator of Silver Circle, a Wiccan network in the Netherlands. As International Coordinator for PFI she travels extensively giving talks and workshops about Wicca and Paganism."
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