Poems of Inspiration

In these very harrowing times, Spring 2020, it is hard to be optimistic and feel inspired. Andy sent these beautiful and stirring poems…
Many thanks Andy!

Guidance from the Great Goddess

(Looking towards the Sanctuary of Hekate, Lagina, Turkey)

Be not who you are told to be,
Be not who fear dictates you be,
But rather, whom the mirror of your soul teaches you to be.
Clear your eyes, throw off the chains of imposed constraints,
Break free from the cages of restrictions past,
Learn who you are, and what you can be,
Discard the terrors and walls that bind you so tight,
And though fears may assail you, find the courage within,
To Do as you Will and fulfil the vision,
Of what you are and have always been,
But denied and hidden, through compliance and fright,
Tear down that wall, and be free to grow,
To live and love, to fight and die,
To follow the path,
That the gods engraved,
And the trajectory of your spirit requires.


The Year’s Beginning

(Trees in Springtime, Maastricht, NL)

Betwixt the cold depths of winter,
And the warm blooming of Spring,
Queen of the boars, calling in the night,
Breaking dawn, bringing the Light,
Guardian of the eternal flame, and Sacred Well,
Arrows of fire from the rising sun,
Mistress of the hearth and fiery forge,
Inspiring poets, her ringing bell,
Goddess, Saint, and many things,
Equally known by many names,
From Ireland’s green shores,
To the Sylvan hills,
Where wine and corn, combine in delight,
To dance the dance with the Goat-footed one.


Points of Light

Servants of Light, Lords of Light,
Reflect well on this, for as the moon kisses the waves at night,
Without darkness also, the rays cannot illuminate.
It stands alone, without contrast, without context,
The positive and the negative, the male and the female,
Fire and Water, Earth and Air,
The beginning and the end,
The Alpha and the Omega,
Reflect and honour them all,
Consider them not as separate, for they are all of One,
And are All of Me,
The spark that ignites the flame, risen from the waters of Chaos,
Imposing form, and infusing the Breath of Life,
The shadow, swirling, cast by evening light,
Renewed by the flare of the dawn upon the horizon,
Rejoined. Connected. As One. Eternal.
The Shadow and Spirit, rising to the starry sky,
Points of light in the darkness,
Awakened. Enlightened.
Bridging the emptiness, yet within reach,
For those who extend their sight, and open their soul,
To me, within and without.

(View of Earth from above with many wirelessly connected points of light)


Photos – Lagina and Maastricht – Morgana
Image Points of light: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/why-intelsat-stock-fell-35-205800454.html

Over Andy C. Highfield

Andy C. Highfield has been a student of the Western mystery tradition for over 40 years. His previous works continue to be on the recommended reading lists of many esoteric schools and are widely regarded as standard reference texts in their field. A lifelong vegetarian, he is also deeply committed to the cause of animal welfare, the promotion of tolerance and respect for all expressions of the True Self and the protection of our fragile environment. When not ‘on his contacts’ he is a scientist and a musician.
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