A small spark of fire glows
In the belly it grows
New life yet unborn
The dawn of a new morn’

The ewe’s are pregnant
And the fields wake to dawn
The earth is expectant
And fertile eggs lay in the barn

We kindle the fire
Wakened in a storm
Our hearts yield desire
And new life is born

Hail Brighid!
We welcome Imbolc
The promise of spring
We’ll bring our folk
To the great gathering
We’ll dance in our circles
And light our candles

A new dawn has come
A seed has been borne
White flowers tip out of the snow
New life stirs in the ground below

Hail Brighid!
We welcome Imbolc
Season of renewal
New hope for us all!

By Odette

Over Gastauteur

De artikelen die we plaatsen van gastauteurs geven niet altijd het standpunt van de redactie of individuele redactieleden weer. Wel denken we dat deze artikelen interessant zijn om kennis van te nemen.
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