Submission guidelines Wiccan Rede Online

Wiccan Rede Online is open to receiving articles, reviews, reports, stories, poems, self-written rituals or visualizations and other creative expressions from our readers. Submit your work to:

When writing, keep the following in mind:


– Wiccan Rede Online works entirely with volunteers; this means that you cannot be paid for what you write nor have expenses reimbursed.

– What you send to Wiccan Rede Online is only intended for publication in Wiccan Rede Online. It has not been published (unless expressly stated) before, and it will not be published elsewhere in the same quarter.

– If you want to offer or copy something of your own from a Wiccan Rede Online issue elsewhere, you can do so after the next issue has been published (i.e. after at least three months), quoting “previously published in Wiccan Rede Online (issue so-and-so)” with a link to it.

– As soon as your text has appeared in Wiccan Rede Online, you can immediately announce it in other places (such as social media or your own website) by providing a link, possibly with a short line of explanation or a quote. However, do not include all or a large part of it.

– The editors are not obliged to post submitted contributions, or to explain why something is not posted. We’ll let you know if we don’t want to publish something; then you can offer it elsewhere.

– Spelling, paragraphs, punctuation and other typos and visual features are subject to change by the editors without consultation. For larger changes to the text, an editor will contact you and make suggestions on how you can reword it.

– You don’t have to wait until the deadline to send a copy.

Articles, poems, etc.:

– These can be as long or as short as you need to say what you want to say. If you like to have a guideline, you can think of something like 2500 words for an article.

– Use subheadings for longer articles.

– Provide your own illustrations/ images. Illustrations must be your own work (such as photos, drawings, etc.),  or royalty-free images, (Public Domain or Creative Commons) or something for which you have been given explicit permission to use it. If you want a caption and/or credits for an image, please indicate that.

– Mention your sources, i.e. the books, articles and websites on which your argument is based. Personal announcements or, for example, dreams can also be mentioned as a source. If desired, provide a bibliography of relevant books, etc. for those who wish to delve further into the subject. For a creative text such as a story, visualization, etc., a source reference and reading tips are allowed, but not necessary.

– It is nice for the readers if you briefly tell something about your own background (e.g. according to which tradition you work, or what is central to your experience of witchcraft, magic or paganism) so that they can understand your work in a broader context.


– Put the details of what has been discussed (for a book: title, author, publisher, ISBN, …) at the top of your review.

– Discuss English books preferably in English.

– Also reviews can be as long or as short as you need to say what you have to say about the book (or the music, the app, or whatever you’re discussing). If you want a guideline for this, you can think of 850 words.

– Tell readers what to expect from a book, but don’t give away spoilers!